Mission, Vision, and Core Principles

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The mission of Coral Cantigas is to increase the awareness and appreciation of the many rich styles of Latino choral music, and to unite communities through the joyful and transformative power of music.


Vision for the future of the organization:

  • Coral Cantigas is nationally and internationally recognized for our unique artistic excellence
  • Coral Cantigas is a resource for Latino choral music repertoire and composers
  • Coral Cantigas is a venue for premier and aspiring Latino singers

Vision for the difference Coral Cantigas will make:

  • People will have transformative experiences that expand their hearts and minds
  • People will gain a deeper understanding of music and Latino cultures
  • Latinos will find a "home" and connection to their heritage (roots, homeland) and each other
  • Diverse communities will be connected through the unifying power of music
    • Bridging all Latino and Spanish-speaking cultures
    • Bridging the Latino culture with many other cultures
  • Latin music will be accessible to everyone and part of the mainstream culture
  • There will be a positive focus on the Latino community

Core Principles

  • Our commitment to musical excellence is the foundation of Coral Cantigas
  • Coral Cantigas serves as a cultural bridge, linking members of the Latino community to each other and to their own heritage, and bringing together diverse local communities 
  • Coral Cantigas uses a broad and inclusive definition of Latino choral music, to include Latin American, Caribbean, Spanish, Iberian, and Native American music
  • Coral Cantigas exposes audiences to music that is not well-known, and presents familiar music in new and innovative ways  
  • Coral Cantigas fosters an emotional connection and celebration of heart, inspiring joy, nostalgia and appreciation of heritage
  • Coral Cantigas fosters inclusivity and respect for different kinds of music, different opinions and different cultures
  • Coral Cantigas acts with ethics and integrity
  • Coral Cantigas believes seriously in FUN!
  • Coral Cantigas believes that music is a universal language
  • "Without music, there is no life"
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